My subscription doesn't work / I cannot log in

If you've recently subscribed and you are unable to view live TV, it is possible you don't have adequate bandwidth on the device you are attempting to use. Check using a computer connected to broadband, rather than a mobile device over 3G.

If you are presented with a message saying you are not subscribed, try logging out and logging back in again (using your email address and the password you used during signup).

If your password is not being recognised, you can reset it using the "Forgotten your password?" link.

If you have not received an invoice or confirmation of your order, it is possible your order was unsuccessful - you may need to check with your card provider as to why your order didn't go through.

You will only be able to log into the H&C Play websites (and mobile apps) if you have created an account (this is done when you subscribe). If your subscription has expired, you can log back in and re-subscribe (you don't need to setup another account).

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